Little Cabbage Gazette June 2018

Cabbagecon 5 is still recruiting!

For those who have not noticed yet, Cabbagecon 5 is looking for barbarian heroes and anyone who would like to have a crack at barbarian heroing. So if you have ever felt the itch to go out and do something spectacular (or just something, anything - we’re not snobbish) feel free to come along and show the world what you can do. At least, that very special bit of the world that is Cabbagecon. All barbarians are welcome – representatives of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch will be at hand to keep order should the need arise.

Have you signed up yet? If not, do go to today and secure your membership now.

Competition: My life on the Disc

Don’t forget about our creative competition ‘My life on the Disc’. What would your life look like if you were living in any part of the Discworld? Give your imagination a shake and start writing/drawing/sculpting/creating. Entries must be made known to the judges before 1 October 2018, so there is still a bit of time.

Read the full text and the rules of the competition here:

Hotel information

If you have not yet booked you room for Cabbagecon 5: don't wait too long:
the special hotel rate for Cabbagecon 5 is valid until the end of June. For later
reservations you may have to pay the regular room rate. Go to and check the hotel page for contact details.