Little Cabbage Gazette May 2018

Attention all barbarian heroes!

Cabbagecon 5 is approaching fast. Less than six months to go until the biggest gathering of barbarian heroes and heroines the Netherlands have ever seen. Have you bought your ticket yet? If not, what’s stopping you? Go to and secure your membership today!


The programme is shaping up very nicely, even if we say so ourselves. Apart from barbarian-style games (board games and otherwise), we have lectures on how to make the natural environment work for you and how to survive as a barbarian in the modern world, a Silver Horde quiz and a real-life talking sword. Also, our regular bookseller will be there with a good selection of books – for those who wish to sharpen their minds as much as their weaponry.
And don’t forget about our running competition. The deadline for submitting stories and artwork is 1 October 2018, so get writing/drawing/painting/sculpting and send the results to us. The best contributions will be awarded!

Competition: My existence on the Disc

In celebration of 35 years of Discworld, and 5 editions of Cabbagecon, the
lovely translators Venugopalan Ittekot have devised a competition and they
invite you – yes, that’s you! - to join.
Here is a short version of the invitation:
“We all have to cope with living on this boring planet Earth. And in this
earthly experience every single one of us has, or once had, a certain role.
It may be anything—from cleaning windows or shaving monks’ heads to
teaching transcendent philosophy to retired policemen. Now imagine you’re a
Discian—how would it be to have the same or a similar role on the Disc,
that much more convincing world? Anywhere on the Disc. What’d your role be
in Ankh-Morpork, in Uberwald, in the fat-bearing Strata of the Schmaltzberg
Region, or simply in Lancre? We invite everyone to fantasize about that
imagined existence and then create something from that fantasy. A short
story, a sketch, a painting, a dance, or whatever—to present, read, perform
or show it at the Cabbagecon and share it with us all. Prizes for the
saddest, funniest, most creative, convincing, outlandish or touching
contribution may be awarded by the general audience and/or by a highly expert

Read the full text and the rules of the competition here:

Hotel information

If you have not yet booked your room for Cabbagecon 5: don't wait too long:
the special hotel rate for Cabbagecon 5 is valid until June. For later
reservations you may have to pay the regular room rate. Go to and check the hotel page for contact details.