Little Cabbage Gazette January 2018

Release your inner barbarian hero!

Cabbagecon 5 is now less than 9 months away. Have you signed up yet? If not, go to and secure your membership today!


The convention programme is slowly but surely coming together. Of course you can spend the whole weekend playing games and propping up the bar, but you can also join us in other barbarian (or not-so-barbarian) activities. Polish your talking sword and practice your best barbarian pose, or let your imagination run free and tell a tall story to end all tall stories.

Competition: My existence on the Disc

In celebration of 35 years of Discworld, and 5 editions of Cabbagecon, the lovely translators Venugopalan Ittekot have devised a competition and they invite you – yes, that’s you! - to join.
Here is a short version of the invitation:
“We all have to cope with living on this boring planet Earth. And in this earthly experience every single one of us has, or once had, a certain role. It may be anything—from cleaning windows or shaving monks’ heads to teaching transcendent philosophy to retired policemen. Now imagine you’re a Discian—how would it be to have the same or a similar role on the Disc, that much more convincing world? Anywhere on the Disc. What’d your role be in Ankh-Morpork, in Uberwald, in the fat-bearing Strata of the Schmaltzberg Region, or simply in Lancre? We invite everyone to fantasize about that imagined existence and then create something from that fantasy. A short story, a sketch, a painting, a dance, or whatever—to present, read, perform or show it at the Cabbagecon and share it with us all. Prizes for the saddest, funniest, most creative, convincing, outlandish or touching contribution may be awarded by the general audience and/or by a highly expert jury.”

Read the full text and the rules of the competition here:

Hotel information

If you have not yet booked you room for Cabbagecon 5: don't wait too long: the special Hotel rate for Cabbagecon 5 is valid until June. For later reservations you may have to pay the regular room rate. Go to and check the hotel page for contact details.