Little Cabbage Gazette - June 2016

Welcome to another edition of the Little Cabbage Gazette, the one and only newsletter of the Dutch Discworld convention. The fourth Cabbagecon may still be slightly over a year away now, but behind the scenes we are working hard to offer you an attractive and varied programme. The Cabbage committee members keep in touch regularly with their contacts at the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Merchants to talk about all the different parts of life in the greatest city on the Disc. Of course, our Ankh-Morpork friends would love to show off all aspects of their city, from the great monuments and the colourful inhabitants down to its unmistakable st… smells.
We are working to include as many of these varied aspects in the convention programme as we can. Keep reading our newsletter and watching our website at to see how we are going to do that.

When and where
The fourth edition of Cabbagecon will be held on 1 and 2 July 2017 at Hotel Carlton President in Utrecht.
Check for all details.

To all (would-be) performers
Any Discworld convention is a perfect excuse to give your creativity free rein. Cabbagecon is no exception to this rule. We are happy to allow our members (those who wish to do so, anyway) to express themselves and show their creative skills in the form of a short piece of drama, a song, poetry or any other kind of act. Appropriate costume is required for all performers. Would you like to have your turn on our open stage? Please send a message to and we will make sure you will have your time in the spotlights!

Message from CMOT Dibbler
“Greetings to all Cabbage-eaters! This is the Disc’s foremost purveyor of meat-based products speaking. I am here to introduce all you Roundworlders to the wonders of such typical Ankh-Morpork delicacies as the meat pie (with actual bits of possibly recognisable meat) and rat-on-a-stick – my very own recipe. Both combine exceedingly well with cabbage, of course.
I am sure the Guild of Merchants will be happy to see me bring the culinary delights of the Great Wahoonie to Roundworld, even though they have not actually asked me to do so yet. No doubt this is simply due to a lack of time – all busy organising other activities and so on – and they will come round to it in time. I am sure they will not mind me anticipating their request.
Unfortunately, this anticipated request does put me in a bit of a dilemma. After all, I can’t very well leave my business in Ankh-Morpork for any length of time, can I? Just think of the opportunities I might miss! Therefore I, CMOT Dibbler, usually found in Sator Square opposite the Palace, am looking for a reliable assistant. Someone who can act as my agent at Cabbagecon4 – just an hour or so each day will do the trick.
Are you a driven salesperson and do you think you can sell anything, just like my good self? Would you like to represent me, the Disc’s best known seller of anything, at Cabbagecon? Send me your application via and we may be doing business before you know it!”